Cybernetic Séance

15:00 mins looped



Q. Are people in the images the real Macy Conferences attendees?

A. Yes.

Q. The images look older than the Conferences; is there some text or explanation of the work that you could provide?

A. The image of the séance is based on an old photograph of a seance.
The Macy Conferences Attendees are digitally edited into the image.
This Macy Conferences Séance never took place.
The Cybernetic Séance photos and video is part of the art project HEXEN 2.0.
The voices in the video are not voices of the Macy Conferences Attendees, they are readings from original writings by Macy Conferences Attendees; Gregory Bateson, Margaret Mead, Kurt Lewin and Heinz von Foerster.
The readings are by Susan Hiller, David Coxhead and Maximilian Treister.
You can download the video script and sources as a PDF from a link at the bottom of this webpage.
This is the only part of the project that constructs an imaginary scenario but functions in a similar way to the HEXEN 2.0/Tarot works, where real histories are reconfigured stylistically into alchemical art forms in order to open up alternative ways of working with and thinking about the subjects.

Download video script and sources PDF


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