Suzanne Treister


is an hallucinogenic exploration of a post-apocalyptic reality in undetermined time and space.

Whether manifestations of a sole survivor of the human race, on earth, in space, on a new planet or parallel universe, or of an artificial superintelligence (ASI), SURVIVOR (F) presents visions of a post-futuristic sublime, charting an existential imaginary of potential human/non-human agency/non-agency and beyond, of the psychedelic consciousness of SURVIVOR (F).

Survivor (F)/Diagrams, drawings & paintings Survivor (F)/Fashion designs for space travel

Survivor (F)/The New Planet + video
Survivor (F)/The Old Planet

Survivor (F)/Post-Digitalia Survivor (F)/Interplanetary Sex Stations

Exhibition v

IMT Gallery, London, England
(October 6 - November 12 2017)
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Essay by Maggie Roberts & Lucy A Sames

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