new military-occult technologies for psychological warfare


A framed graphite drawing of Dr John Dee's Scrying Crystal,
installed in cabinet H30 'Science and Magic', in the department for 'Science and Art of Medicine'
on the fifth floor of the Science Museum London.
Through November December 2006 and ongoing loan.

In 2004 the original Dee Crystal was removed from cabinet H30 and is now held indefinitely in conservation in the basement of the museum.

Dr John Dee, alchemist, astrologer, mathematician, kabbalist and magician is a key figure in HEXEN 2039. John Dee was 'Queen's Intelligencier’ to Elizabeth I and a close associate of Sir Francis Walsingham, founder of the British Secret Service. The crystal was originally used by Dee in the 16th Century to foretell and provide political and military intelligence.

As an exemplar of the 16th Century military-occult compex at work, Dee's activities link to aspects of both recent and current military operational programmes, and the legacy of his psychic investigations can be traced through narratives of the occult and film production, from Aleister Crowley in England, to Jack Parsons in Pasadena, to MGM in Hollywood.

As part of HEXEN 2039 research a series of remote viewing drawings were made in the presence of John Dee’s crystal in the basement of the Science Museum.


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