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Aleister CROWLEY/Ordo Templi Orientis

Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) Occultist. 1898 - Initiated into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn where he learnt the Enochian language of John Dee. Created White and Black Temple, Chancery Lane, London. 1899 - initiated into a witchesÕ coven in Norfolk. 1900 - Purchased Boleskine House, Loch Ness, Scotland (bought by Jimmy Page in the 1970s). 1904 - Crowley revived the law of Thelema, the manuscript of 'The Book of the Law' dictated by his 'Holy Guardian Angel. ("Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law").

Between 1910 and 1912 Crowley was visited in his apartment in Victoria St by co-founder of
the Ordo Templi Orientis and member of the german secret service, Theodor Reuss. O.T.O. is a magical group practising tantric sex magic, kabbalistic rituals and drug experimentation. On April 21, 1912, twelve years before the founding of MGM, Aleister Crowley was appointed National Grand Master General of O.T.O. for Great Britain and Ireland. Crowley's appointment included authority over an English language rite of the lower (Masonic) degrees of O.T.O., which was given the name "Mysteria Mystica Maxima", or 'M.'.M.'.M.'.

1920-23 Crowley rented 'The Abbey of Thelema' in Cefalu, Sicily.

In 1925, after Reuss' death, Crowley became Outer Head of the Order (OHO).

In the 1920Õs and 30Õs Crowley/.'M.'.M.'.M.'. and O.T.O. were involved in political events of the C20th through spying for the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) on members of the Thule and Vril Societies, German occultists with political links to the Nazi party, and on European comunist activities. During WW2 Crowley led an MI5 mission involving a magic ritual to send a psychic message to lure Rudolph Hess to Britain.

In the early 1940s Crowley's U.S. based O.T.O. Lodge, Agapˇ, was led by 'Jack' Parsons, a Los Angeles based rocket scientist, whose semi-biogaphical script, co-written with Frank Malina, was rejected by MGM.

1945 - Moved to private hotel, 'Netherwoods' in Hastings, Sussex.


Remote viewing drawing/Chernobog - Mt Triglaf, Ukraine - A. Crowley

GRAPHITE/Boleskine House, Loch Ness, Scotland (Crowley 1900-1947)

Remote viewing drawing/Floorplan, Boleskine House (Aleister Crowley) Loch Ness

GRAPHITE/Floorplan, Boleskine House, Loch Ness, Scotland



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