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The Thule Society (Thule Gesellschaft) was founded in 1918 by Rudolph Glauer/(Barone Heinrichson Sebottendorf) in Münich, Bavaria - following the occult teachings of Guido von List. The inner core of Thule were suppsedly satanists and practitioners of Black Magic in order to redevelop ancient psychic telepathic powers and become a (lost) superior race.

Thule is a legendary island in the north, similar to Atlantis, of a lost high-level civilisation.

The US army has a radar station at Thule in Greenland. 'Thule' car racks are currently manufactured in Sweden.

The Vril Society (Vril Gesellschaft) was the inner core of Thule during the 3rd Reich. Vril was founded in 1921 to explore the origins of the Aryan race by a group of female psychic mediums (Maria Orsic of Zagreb). Vril joined with the Thule Society to fund their spacecraft programme at Arado-Brandenburg Aircraft Facility. Vril discs were interdimensional flight machines based on psychic revelations from the Alderbarian aliens. Vril disc research began in 1922 and building took place between 1939-1945.

Members of the Vril Society included Hitler, Rosenberg, Himmler and Goering.

In the 1920's and 30's Crowley and the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), were involved in political events of the C20th through spying for the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) on members of the Thule and Vril Societies. During WW2 Crowley led an MI5 mission involving a magic ritual to send a psychic message to lure Rudolph Hess to Britain.

In the early 1940s the U.S. based O.T.O. Lodge, Agapé, was led by 'Jack' Parsons, a Los Angeles based rocket scientist who had developed an early working relationship with Wernher von Braun, German designer of the V2 rocket.


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